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Bones offers 4 kinds of skateboard wheels: Bones Street Tech Formula (STF), Bones Skatepark Formula (SPF), Bones All-terrain Formula (ATF), and Bones Original Formula. The first three formulas are well-reviewed at SkateAdvisors since they aim at a particular group of skateboarders.

Therefore, in today’s post, I will focus on the original collection so that skaters can have a general look at different collections of Bones Skateboard wheels:

The Original formula is an improvement from the famous White wheels which were also produced by Bones 30 years ago.

Similar to other collections, Bones Original Formula also has abrasion resistance and rebound for a long-lasting set of skateboard wheels. This formula is among the best wheels that skaters can get for all levels at a fairly reasonable price.BONES ORIGINAL V5 SIDECUTBy applying the STF P5 recipe and adding DMI urethane formula, Bones are able to create long-lasting street wheels.

The V5 version is available in 6 different sizes from 51mm to 56 mm; therefore, it can please all requirements of skaters. BONES ORIGINAL V4 WIDESimilar to the V5 version, the V4 Wide inherits the blueprint of STF P4 and the OG DMI urethane formula. This version provides the greatest stability and landing ability by attaching a wide contact patch. However, the V4 version comes only in 5 sizes from 51mm to 55m.

This version is usually preferred by street skaters or gap skaters since it can handle impact well. BONE ORIGINAL DUROMETER 100AWith the durometer of 100A, this version is both suitable for street riding and park skating.

Although many people think that the Original 100A is fairly hard, it still has enough softness for conquering bumpy roads or slick grounds. This version is not as special as the two previous ones; however, it is more suitable for newbies. To know how to pick the right wheels for novices, visit SkateAdvisors for more detail:

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